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Audition FAQS

Q: Who Can Audition for a Marcus Theatre Play?

A: Any student that is currently enrolled in a Marcus Theatre Class in either the Fall or Spring Semester.

Q: Who Can Audition for a MHS Fine Arts Musical?

A:  The Fine Arts Musical is open to any MHS and MHS 9 student!

Q: Where Can I get Audition Packets/Information?

A: You can pick up audition packets from any of the director's classrooms in D Hall.

Q: Do I have to memorize my audition?

A: Memorization is not a requirement, but it is preferred. You need to at least be familiar with the audition piece. We don't want to watch you read from the page the whole time.

Q: Do my parents have to join the Marcus Theatre Booster Club if I Get Cast in a Show?

A: No. Your parent does not need to join the Booster Club if you get cast in a show, but parent involvement is expected.

Q: Do I have to audition to join the tech crew?

A: Tech Crew will have interviews with Ms. Lambert on the day of Auditions. You can sign up for an interview spot in the tech classroom.

Q: Does the Tech Crew Have to Come to All of the Rehearsals?

A: Yes! You will be assigned a crew and show up on the days your crew is called. All tech crew is expected to be at all tech saturday rehearsals, final dress rehearsals, and performances.

Upcoming Auditions:

NOTE: Students who are placed in a Marcus Theatre company for a production will be expected to provide a show fee. Fee ranges from $30-$75, depending on the production.