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Marcus Theatre

Audition FAQS

Q: Who Can Audition for a Marcus Theatre Play?

A: Students participating in each Advanced Class can audition for the plays in those classes. Theatre 1 & Theatre 2 students will present showcases.

Q: Who Can Audition for a MHS Fine Arts Musical?

A: The Fine Arts Musical is open to any MHS and MHS 9 student!

Q: Where Can I get Audition Packets/Information?

A: You can pick up audition packets from any of the director's classrooms in D Hall.

Q: Do I have to memorize my audition?

A: Memorization is not a requirement, but it is preferred. You need to at least be familiar with the audition piece. We don't want to watch you read from the page the whole time.

Q: Do my parents have to join the Marcus Theatre Booster Club if I Get Cast in a Show?

A: No. Your parent does not need to join the Booster Club if you get cast in a show, but parent involvement is expected.

Q: Do I have to audition to join the tech crew?

A: Tech Crew for the musical will have interviews with the Technical Director on the day of Auditions. You can sign up for an interview spot in the tech classroom (C 101). Crews for JV/Varsity shows will be assigned by the Technical Director.

Q: Does the Tech Crew Have to Come to All of the Rehearsals?

A: Yes! You will be assigned a crew and show up on the days your crew is called. All tech crew is expected to be at all tech saturday rehearsals, final dress rehearsals, and performances.

Upcoming Auditions:

NOTE: Students who are placed in a Marcus Theatre company for a production will be expected to provide a show fee. Fee ranges from $50-$100, depending on the production.

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